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Microlite Aircraft HM1000 Balerit Subaru UK Model Mignet Aviation

Microlite Aircraft HM1000 Balerit Subaru UK Model Mignet Aviation
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Microlite Plane HM1000 Balerit Subaru ( UK model) Miget  Aviation
This is a 2 axle microlite fitted with a suburu boxer engine 
Looking at the paperwork it was manufactured in 1998
It has 550 hours on the clock 
2 seater with purpose built trailer 
Has folding wings which can be made ready to fly by 1 person in 5/6 minutes 
My description is very vague due to not knowing about these and the item, it was taken in part exchange & spent the majority of its life in France where it was built.
It was imported into England a few years ago 
Researching them on the internet, has led me to believe this is a very stable microlite and not prone to stalling.
It appears there have been many produced, the first photo of one flying is a library picture and not this one for sale 
I have a large file with information which is all in French
some of the photos which are listed make it look a bit sad as it is in my back garden under some trees
If you're looking for one of these, you will probably know a lot more than I do.
You're welcome to come and view by appointment 
Part exchange considered car, boat, van, motorhome, watch
Could be removed from sale as also advertised for sale elsewhere 

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