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1976 vw camper van t2 project with 99% parts needed inc recon engine 1.6

1976 vw camper van t2 project with 99% parts needed inc recon engine 1.6
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Item Information:

  • Type: Campervan
  • Subtype: t2 1976
  • Model Year: 1976
  • Model: t2 danbury conversion
  • Mileage: 32333
  • Engine Size: 2
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Year of Registration: 1976
  • V5 Registration Document: Present
  • Manufacturer: vw

hi im putting up my 1976 camper van t2 which we have been restoring but due to ill health i have had to make a dissension to sell her when we got the van it was in a terrible state to the point it want able to even be put on our ramp the tension tube was broken and the van was rotten we have been working on the underside and have changed the main structure of the van including tension bar tube and mid sections to rear and built strength back in so we could lift the van on our 2 post ramps we have also fitted new panels to both rear quarters and rear light surrounds along with new battery trays on both side with closing panels on the rear along with both n/s sills inner and new outer not fitted yet and o/s inner and outer sill tacked on in case of adjustment along with n/s front step inner and outer and new front panel not attached and there is also a box which has new out riggers and b pile repair sections new cables and tubes there is pretty much everything you would need to finish see list 

new parts 
out riggers x6
b pilar repair section x 2
top hat section
front panel 
cv joints x2
stop bumps x2 
brake pipes x4
extra plugs and points 
engine gasket set 
rear shock x2
the remaining closing panels 
all cables brake ,heater,clutch
new clutch luk make 
outer sills n/s
front cross member section 
front closing panel for front o/s
 material for roof lining and door cards and insulation 
new front brake pads 
new reel brake pipes for rear 
worth under seal about 15 cans stone chip and smooth depending whats being under sealed 


seats westfallier orange check very good condition now rips or marks 
dash with all bits 
cards for rear x2 
original cooker 
table top and legs 
spare exhaust parts 
alternator x 2 
air flow box 1 fitted to engine 1 spare 
5 wheels 4 on van 
everything to put van back on road see pics 

i also have a lot of pic along the way showing whats been done as was going to put portfolio when it was completed please message as can send via face book messenger or whatsapp as easyer to send 

if your looking for a project this is perfect as just need time rather than money to finish 

the only thing i now that still needed is the o/s front wing as before we got it someone welded it with a stick welder and made a bit of a mess so we cut this out and found a market stall bar inside have pics lol the old step is still there so possible to re pair depending on your preference the front section has been supported as we have reclined the drivers cab so its level and is sitting right 

as im writing this im asking myself why im letting it go as so much as been done to it but dont have the space or it wouldn t be up for sale i will be moving to storage this week but everything is in side and ready to go 

if you require further information please call me on 07702301430 for more pics and video of engine running after re build along with any questions 

this item is also listed in other places and we reserve the right to remove at any time 

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