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1937 Buick McLaughlin model 90L 7 passenger limousine

1937 Buick McLaughlin model 90L 7 passenger limousine
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  • Manufacturer: Buick
  • Doors: 4
  • Colour: Cream, Pearl
  • Seats: 7

This was dads retirement project, which had a bare metal restoration by Chestnut Classics (they had done a lot of work for Practical Classics, and also had a long running ad featuring the ongoing restoration of a 1940s Buick, this being the reason we chose them)
The car was restored with the intention of doing the odd wedding to pay for its upkeep, 3 or 4 a year was plenty.

The body work had new metal let in to the lower back doors, with new ash let in to the door frames in the same area. There was no other rot on the car. A bare metal respray in period correct Buick Duke of Windsor Sequoia Cream, (we felt , as did Chestnut Classics a brilliant white would be totally wrong. Also photographers like it as it contrasts with white bridal gowns)

The interior was left original, as it is in very good condition for its age and the advice we had from Chestnut classics was that a good original interior with 70 odd years of patina is more desirable than a brand new one,(if I were to be brutally honest the rubber floor covering in the drivers compartment could do with replacing)

The electrics where upgraded to 12volts using a US supplied Ron Francis wiring kit, to include a fuse board for all the circuits. Includes hazard lights and indicators
Twin electric fans are fitted to the radiator, along with new water pump. 
A high output alternator was installed 
Electric fuel pump with original mechanical pump retained , as back up.
Rebuilt distributor (H&H ignition solutions), with electronic ignition and twin coils
New carburettor with manual choke
All brakes reclined and new wheel cylinders 
Stainless steel exhaust with manifold ( this is the Buick s Achilles heel and replacements ran out about 20 years ago , so we had one made).
An electric wind screen wiper conversion ( from USA)
There is a minor issue with the diff. It has a couple of chipped teeth. This makes it a bit noisier than it once was, but I have a replacement (from Buick club USA) included in sale, along with spare cylinder head and gearbox.

Apart from the exhaust manifold being no longer available, virtually everything else is easily available. Buick clubs both Uk and USA are worth joining, plus Bobs Buicks is a gold mine of spares.

6 New Firestone whitewall tyres, these have less than  500 miles on them, (the 2 spares 0 miles)

The headlights are the correct original lights, as fitted when sold new in he UK in 1937. It is a Mclaughlin Buick, so was supplied new as right hand drive, it is not a USA Buick with righthand drive conversion.

This is a genuine limousine with the glass wind up division, microphone to talk to the driver and fold out jump seats

Thanks for the many  offers of swaps for an interesting variety of cars, but if I were interested in a swap (ebay rules), then I may be interested in a motorhome, similar value,must have fixed bunk beds.

Any questions then please call 07884477391 or 01622 870021 as I don't often get access to a PC

On 28-May-17 at 18:40:51 BST, seller added the following information:

Just to confirm, I do have the spare wheel covers, I will try to upload an updated picture

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